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The RedBlade end-to-end Platform takes old and new Financial Institutions and their products into fully automated online internet experience for their customers in real time


Architected into the Cloud for scale, our powerful work flow engines integrate into bureaux, banks and required 3rd parties, providing fully automated real-time configurable risk aware decisioning


Credit Providers and Insurance Institutions who want to build a fully automated scalable Online Business

What does our product mean to you and your customers?

    • Empowers your customers to on-board, sign up and acquire your financial products and self-services
    • Completely eliminates human workforce to on-board and sign in business
    • Truly end-to-end ensures one system, one platform, with all the tools to take you from Cash-out to Paid-out
    • Frees your organization to only deal with exceptions
    • Outpace competitors and keep abreast of regulations by experimenting with the platforms A/B Multivariate paradigm that extends to new products, risk and business processes

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Redblade Software

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